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If Mother Braids a Waterfall, forthcoming in February 2020 from Signature Books.

Read one of the lyric essays in the collection, “Post-Mormons are Leaving,” published in West Texas Literary Review.

Charles Bailey & Sisters

Titania in Yellow, forthcoming! (Porkbelly Press, 2019)

Here’s a link to one of the poems in the collection, “Self-Portrait as Titania with Cupid’s Flower and Changeling,” published in Gingerbread House Literary Magazine.


Mothering (Flutter Press, 2011)Mothering image

“Dayna Patterson’s second chapbook, Mothering, is powerfully-rendered poetry at its finest, illustrating the ageless cross-culture occupation that is being a mother. The exasperation and humor of motherhood is beautifully balanced with the intensity of undying, unyielding love; beneath all the stress and the anxiety, there is an undercurrent of perfection and the feeling that, no matter what, a mother’s first love is to her children.” —Jen Moody

“Dayna Patterson’s poetry uncovers the overlooked everythings. Her collection, Mothering, intimates moments even the most skilled shutterbug can’t capture—from mama’s milk to ‘hungry crumbs in the cracks’—weaving her ode to motherdom with sweet lavender.” —M. Brett Gaffney

“In her second chapbook, Dayna Patterson writes, ‘In a moment that feels / something like sin, / curious, / she tastes her own milk.’ The poems in Mothering do just this. They examine the most intimate parts of themselves, knowing someone is always watching.” —Tyler Heath


Loose Threads imageLoose Threads (Flutter Press, 2010)

“In scene after scene of complex humanity, all the way to the final poem of a polygamous ancestor rationing affection, Patterson’s language transforms even the darkest elements of human nature to light. This short collection allows us a tantalizing glimpse at the work of a truly compassionate young poet.” —Star Coulbrooke

Loose Threads is a lush poetic journey that explores the glorious and occasionally grotesque complexities of family, culture, religion, and society. Its power lingers long after the final page—a prism of words that never ceases to catch the light. . . or darkness.” —L.E. Sullivan

Loose Threads is what you reach for to read while you sip hot tea snuggled on the couch. Dayna Patterson has a melody within her poetry that is so serene, it’s  almost otherworldly—angelic, even. Her beautifully crushing lines will sear her words into your mind.” —Aaron Michael Kline

“Dayna Patterson’s Loose Threads details a world whose dangers are offset by the radiance and redemptive qualities of its many human faces—a vast and diverse place whose rewards wash around us in a rich ‘river of grace.'” —Roger Jones