Journals and Magazines

AGNI. “O is the Sound of Tragedy.” Publication forthcoming.

Zone 3“Self-Portrait as Perdita with Derelict Ferris Wheel.” Publication forthcoming.

Western Humanities Review. “ab ovo” and “Self-Portrait as Perdita, Reperta.” Publication forthcoming.

Sugar House Review. “Self-Portrait as Miranda after Shipwreck,” “Self-Portrait as Miranda with Xenophilia and Apostasy,” and “Self-Portrait as Portia and Jessica at the Witching Hour.” Publication forthcoming.

Literary Mama. “Third Graders.” Publication forthcoming.

Dialogue. “Self-Portrait of Mormon Middle Child as Isabella” and “After the Curtain Falls, Isabella Speaks in Achromatics.” Publication forthcoming.

So to Speak. “Self-Portrait as Jessica with Phoropter and Ursa Minor,” “Self-Portrait of Jessica as Mormon Meeting House, Repurposed,” “Self-Portrait as Perdita as Lost I,” and “Portrait of Hermione as Phantom Limn.”

Matador Review.How Not to ‘Bring Down the Flowers'”

Boxcar Poetry Review. Fetor.”

Sunstone.Former Mormons Catechize Their Kids.”

Hotel Amerika. “Self-Portrait as Rosalind with Topophilia and Heresy,” “Self-Portrait as Isabella with Theophilic Ecstasy,” and “Self-Portrait as Ophelia in 33 Hues of Blewe.”

Barrelhouse. “Pon Farr.”

The Tishman Review.How to Conceive Daughters.”

Hawai’i Pacific Review.Dear Grandma.”

Red Paint Hill. Gertrude on artis bene moriendi.”

Sweet.usque ad mala.”

Baltimore Review.Ophelia, Amphibian.”

The American Journal of PoetryThunder. Enter THREE WITCHES meeting HECATE” and Thunder and Lightning. Enter THREE WITCHES.”

Sugar House Review. “Self-Portrait as Cordelia, Mormon Polygamous Wife.”

Literary Mama. “Dear Grandpa,” “Play Nice,” “Why We Tell Them the Truth,” “Hippocampus,” “After the Divorce,” and “Birthday.”

Milk Journal. “Love Song for David Attenborough.”

SegullahIf Mother Braids a Waterfall,” “Emily Whispers Bird Lore to My Daughters,” “Housewife Dreams of Names,” “Moses Removed His Shoes,” “Twilight Zone Episode 2a, 1985,” “Lazy Eye,” “On Keeping Daughters from Drowning,” “Black Spain,” and “Song for a Stork.”

Gingerbread House Literary Review. “Beatrice Ode,” “Botticelli’s Venus,” “Titania’s Adoption Papers,” “Ophelia and the Eels.”

Jeopardy.On Alabama Bridge, Fireworks,” “Low Tide at Squalicum Bay,” and “Love Bugs, Part 1.”

The Fourth River. “Apples.”

Sweet Tree ReviewSelf-Portrait as Titania in Hypnopompic Bower.”

Black ElephantDuring Time-Out, I Transform into the Wicked Witch of the West.”

Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest.Logophilia.”

Ground Fresh ThursdayPlod” and “On this quiet Saturday.”

Dialogue“Tropical Butterfly House,” “Offerings,” and “Glazier.”

SunstoneP-Day at the Sugar Shack,” “Missionary Work in Kanata, Canada” and “Revising.”

Young Ravens Literary ReviewSharing the Shower with 2 Kids,” “Migration,” “Migraine,” and “Paradox

Clover, A Literary Rag“Perspective,” “Rock Collection,” “I Could Never Be a Jehovah’s Witness,” “Moving,” and “Lovebugs Part 2.”

A Mother Here Art and Poetry Contest. “Eloher,” “Harvest Dance,” “Whale Watching,” and “Mother Has a Degree in Exterior Design.”

Weave“At the Museum of Natural History, Tallahassee.”

North American Review“Arachnophobe.”

Wilderness Interface ZoneThe day you came out to me,” “Spider Line,” and “Some Words.”

Vines Leaves Literary Journal“While in the Shower, I Discover I Am Not Alone.”

The Lake.Growing Up in a Bookstore.”

Front Porch Review. “Seeing Things” and “Gertrude Overheard at the Salon.”

BlazeVOX“Hermione in Prison” and “Stingrays.”

Borderline“Miranda,” “Juliet Txts Romeo,” and “The Untaming.”

Exponent II. “Why You Still Believe,” “Grown,” “Parasite,” “Stay-At-Home Chemist,” and “Proselytizing by a Marian Shrine in Québec.”


Moth & Rust: Mormon Encounters with Death (Signature Books, 2017): “Death Dreams of Doorbells.”

Mule Tales: An Anthology. “October in the South” and “On the 59S to Houston.”